Railway - Railing Systems

Our company is one of the oldest private companies in Turkey currently operating on the railway and city railing systems.

Our main works in this field:

Supply of railway, subway (metro) and tram trains
Supply of signal - Telecom equipment
Manufacture and supply of scissors (rail change) motors
Railway renewal and new laying works
Supply of rail road maintenance vehicles
Supply and application of measuring systems
Supply and application of train onboard electronic circuits
Our important project references:
Ankaray light rail system trains supply
Kayseri light rail system trains supply
Samsun light rail system trains supply
Complete signal and telecommunication works of Ankara metro
Kayseri, Adana, Mersin railway renewal and signalling works
Gebze - Adapazarı fast train signalization works
Fast train (Piri Reis) measuring and lab train manufacturing and supply
Provision and manufacture of measuring systems for conventional trains
Areas of Activity